Refund And Return Policy

Etihad Khasm Refund And Return Policy

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According to the regulation of the domestic and contracting policy of the Company, if the client has requested to cancel his membership, he shall submit a formal request explaining the reasons for his request for cancellation to the following e-mail of the complaints department: [email protected] After submitting your request, a reference number for your complaints will be sent, and your complaint will be transferred to the concerned department for consideration within four working days, and then you will be informed of the resolution issued by the relevant department of the Company. In case the concerned department approves the cancellation request, the client will be entitled to a refund of 33% of the original membership value (the amount paid), in addition to the deduction of AED 200 as fees for printing the membership card and preparing its agreements.

In case the customer use/utilize any services before refund, the company have the right to deduct the full services amount before discount, in case the membership fees covers the cost if not the company have the right to collect the total cost from the customers.