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About Etihad Khasm

ETIHAD KHASM is a loyalty program that allows our clients to benefit from the most discounted fares all around the world.


Who we are?

18 years serving our members . 80+ countries our members visits. 25000+ hotels, 10+ Airlines companies our members using it and many more

Etihad Khasm make travel possible for all. From big cities and small towns and beachfront resorts ,in a luxury and experiences and our 15 iconic packages bring a diverse perspective to the luxury travel experience. With friendly service, thoughtful amenities, and a range of options for the everyday traveler, Etihad Khasm will be there to serve you wherever you go.

Mission Statement

To provide our customers with the most luxurious lifestyle, travels, leisure experience with the simple steps

To connect our members with the most luxurious opportunities around the world in a very simple way.

To put the world's happiest and luxuriant destinations in our members hands

To provide genuine heartfelt service, that will engrave a unique experience in the heart and mind of every member.